Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Super Six Celebration

I know, I know! It's been a month and I am now posting about Miss Liz's Birthday. Im a little behind to say the least. But how could I not post about this special day. It was such a great party filled with family and food and fun. Here are some of the things we did.....

We ate Yummy Butterfly Cupcakes
(thanks meli and mom for helping me make the butterflies)
Lizzie decided that she wanted butterflies at her birthday so I came up with this quick kid friendly craft. We bunched up several layers of tissue paper and held it together with clothes pins that they had colored with markers. Then I made colored water and put it in spray bottles to color the wings and voila (is that the right word?) you have butterflies.

We kept nice and cool by splashing in the pool
(hehe that rhymes)

And what's a party without Purple Gobbley Goo? (aka cornstarch and water)
Although some of us (CORA) called it lunch!

It was a very fun day and Lizzie felt very special. I have the best family. Love you guys!!!

The Sleeping Chair??

So Im not sure if this is Maggies feeding chair or sleeping chair. Every time she gets in her chair she falls asleep. EVERY TIME!!! What's that all about? Plus she always sleeps in the same position.

Mac n' Cheese Burritos

Getting Lizzie to eat is always a chore. So I was a little surprised when I asked what she would like to eat and this was her answer: "I have a delicious idea". I was then instructed to take a tortilla and put some macaroni and cheese inside it and fold it up. And just like that we now have Lizzie's Famous Mac N' Cheese Burrito.

Hungry Little Caterpillars

My kids love playing with Perler Bead and making their own little creations. We were studying about caterpillars in school and working on making our "Very Hungry Caterpillar" books at school, so I can only guess they were the inspiration to these little creations of Trevor's. He told me the little white dots are the eggs that lay on the leaf.