Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trevor's Birthday Party

I'm just sending out a reminder about Trevor's Birthday Party. It is Friday the 21st at 5pm at the Sparks home. We will be having breakfast for dinner (per Trevors request, you just gotta love kids parties). He can't wait to share his Thomas cake with all of you.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Surprises, Surprises They Come In All Shapes and Sizes...

10 pts if you can name the TV show (hint: one of Trevor’s favorites).

Well we have decided to finally share with everyone our big surprise, but trust me no one is as surprised as I am. I had to wait till I saw the heartbeat before I would believe. But I was even more surprised to see not only a heartbeat, but a little head, moving arms and legs. We aren't quite sure how far along I am, but our little Cora may not even be one before our little “surprise” arrives. Well I hope you all enjoyed this little tidbit of news and feel free to post a comment to let me know you got it. The pic is a little hard to make out, but the head is on the left.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 11, 2008 Disneyland Trip

Trevors Birthday Trip to DLand

We enjoyed a fun trip to Dland on Tuesday March 11. It was Trevors last "free" trip, so we made it his special b-day trip (His Birthday is really March 18). He had a blast. It was the perfect trip, everything just seemed to go our way, really nice weather, great parking spot, no long lines or we would just beat the crowd. Then we all won free fastpasses. The kids were in a great mood, no tantrums or anything. Anyway it was a great trip and next time we go my little boy will be a big 3 year old. My how the time just flies.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Melissa

Just wanted to wish my little sis a happy and wonderful 26th birthday. We love you!
**Ooops, did I say 26, I meant 27.**

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Trip to the County Museum

For Lizzie's field trip today we went to the San Bernardino County Museum. It was so nice to be able to spend some special fun time together. We went to the Star Lab, It was this great big inflated tent. You had to crawl inside to get to the big dome center. It was dark and Lizzie was afraid to go in but with a little encouragement from her teacher (Mrs. Morales whom we just love) she crawled inside and loved it. They showed us the stars and then overlapped them with pictures of the constellations. It was very cool. Then we checked out their big selection of birds. Then went to look at their collection of snakes and other creepy crawling things. We had a great time, and it reminded me that I need to schedule more mommy and me time with her, as she is growing up so fast.
Trevor and Cora spent the Morning with Grandma Poulsen. They are always so excited to spend time with her, and I am always so grateful for her help. Thanks Norma you are awesome!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A New Year

We are already 3 months into the new year, and lots of things are going on. Todd is doing well with his business and I'm hoping it stays that way. Lizzie is in her second semester of Pre-school. We are a Parent Participation Program so it keeps me busy, but very aware of how she is doing and what she needs help with. Trevor is looking forward to going to Pre-school starting in August, but we are working on potty training and hopefully it will stick before he starts school. Cora's new accomplishment is rolling over, which she did last week. As for myself, hmmm just keeping up with kids, the family business and trying to get the weight off. We are looking forward to heading up to Utah in a few weeks for Madilyn's Baptism. I know Lizzie and Trevor are very excited. They love hanging out with their cousins.

Well Fed and Rested

Now that my girls have had some lunch it is time for a nap. Lizzie is past napping age but I just love how she couldn't resist closing her eyes and catching a few Z's with her new baby sis.

Our Third Addition

Here is our lovely Cora Glenn Poulsen. She was born Oct. 8 2007. She is a great baby. When she was born the only sound she made was a little sneeze. The nurses kept saying "she's breathing she's just not crying". And even now 5 months later she still has that sweet temperament.