Friday, August 29, 2008

Tristan Sparks Jorgensen

It has been a long wait (one week overdue), but he is finally here and healthy. Tristan was born August 29th 2008 at 1:15 am.  After about 11 hours of Labor (in the hospital) with little progression along with Tristan's constantly fluctuating heart rate he was delivered by cesarean. Melissa and Tristan are recovering nicely and doing well. He is a cute little guy weighing in at about 8lbs 5oz and measuring 18 inches.  He is surprisingly very awake and aware, and loves sucking on his fingers. Congratulations Melissa and Eric. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Waiting Game....

I don't post many pictures of myself for obvious reasons, but I thought I would share this with everyone. My mom took this picture back in July, and now here we are at the end of August. Meli was due yesterday and I am more anxious for her then I am for myself. Mostly because she has invited me to attend her birth and this will be my first time to experience it from the other side. This is her first child, and she is having a boy. They are deciding between the names Carter (my fav) or Tristan. I'm am scheduled for a cesarean on Sept. 2nd. at 12pm, so around 12:20 my little Maggie will be here. This is one of the very few perks of a c-section. You know exactly when she will be here. Unless I go early :), but it hasn't happened yet. So now we wait!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Bunnies

Over the summers we have had a few friendly animals come around the yard. A few years ago it was a giant skunk, every night just before the sun began to set, you could see him walk through the field and up past our front yard. We would of course watch through the front window. Last year it was a bunch of squirrels that unfortunately became more of an infestation, which we had to take care of. This summer though it is a pleasant pair of bunnies. Every morning and evening around seven o'clock you could look out the window and find them munching on weeds. Sometimes we would picnic with them in the evening and they wouldn't mind as long as we stayed on our blanket.

Now I Get It!

As my sister and I prepare for the arrival of our little ones, we decided to empty the memory cards to our cameras, since my sister doesn't have a computer yet I downloaded them for her. And I found a couple fun pictures that I haven't seen before.

Back in July at our Photo Class, as we were walking to our car I noticed that Lizzie had her shirt rolled up. I told her to put it down and noticed that it was drenched. I asked my sister what happened and she said she got a drink. And now I understand....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Color Me Mine

This Summer we spent our Fridays playing with Gram-me and Aunt Melissa. Our most recent Friday outing took us to a place called Color Me Mine. It's a "paint it yourself" pottery store. The staff is super helpful and friendly. And best of all it is VERY kid friendly. Lizzie and Trevor had a great time. The first thing they did
was pick out what they wanted to paint. Then you choose your colors, and start painting away. When your done you have to leave it with them for a little over a week so they can fire it. But the cool thing is, it always turns out beautiful. Lizzie picked this cute Flower Box, and it's no surprise that Trevor picked a Train that is also a bank. Also a little note, everything is non-toxic. Which is a good thing because as you can see in Trevors picture, he managed to paint his face a little :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Camp Poulsen 2008

This last weekend we went camping with Todd's Family and the Johnson's. We headed up to Camp Heart Bar on Friday and we came home Sunday morning. Todd stayed Friday night and left Saturday morning to climb Mount Whitney for a week with the scouts. We wished he could have stayed, but we had a blast, and the kids can't wait to go next year. Parley and I decided that this should be an annual event :) Im sure Grandma and Grandpa would be happy to pass the camping torch to the next generation, which we gladly accept. As long as you bring the hot chocolate and frisbee ;). But anyway, we had a blast. There was lots of exploring and playing and falling. The food was great. The weather was unbelievable. The tent was small. And there were plenty of laughs around the campfire. Adri and Steph came up with a fun idea to make camp shirts. They named us all after one of the Characters of the Mr. Men Series. Todd was Mr. Noisy, I was Little Miss Fun, Lizzie was Little Miss Giggles, Trevor was Mr. Bump, and Cora was Little Miss Sunshine. Thanks everyone for making this such a fun summer outing. We love you all!

Here are some of the fun moments we had.

"Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming"

We put the kids in swim lessons this summer. And to my great surprise and pleasure they are going very well. Anyone who knows my kids will find these pictures shocking. Look they are smiling and enjoying the water. I have to admit that on day one for both of them they did nothing but cry the entire lesson, but on day two its been nothing but fun.
Thank you Redlands Swim Team.

This is Day 2 with Trevor. I was amazed. He seriously cried all 30 min and jumped out of the pool as soon as the lesson was over the day before.

This is the best 30 min of MY day :)

Now that Lizzie has her goggles she dunks her head under the water by herself.

Just Like Daddy!!!

So I was putting the kids in the bath and I hear Trevor behind me say "just like daddy". I turned around to see him standing over his Elmo potty peeing. Needless to say I had to give Elmo a bath also. Boys are the best ;)