Friday, April 18, 2008

Boys and Girls Night Out

On Wednesday Todd and I had a chance to hang out with the kids. Todd took Trevor to the Angels game. He was very excited and talked about it all day till daddy got home. Then the first thing he said was "Daddy we go to baseball game?" So with the boys gone we girls went to Meli's salon and got Lizzies hair cut. It's her new favorite thing to do. We watched Meli finish Gramme's and Lizzies hair. Then all us girls (Gramme, Meli, Lizzie, Cora and I) went to Frugos for frozen yogurt, then had dinner at Panera's (very yummy). It was a fun and late night for everyone, and the kids actually slept in the next morning. They got up at 7:00am instead of 6:30am :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boy oh Boy......

It's a GIRL!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mom, Does This Remind You of Anyone?

She chews on her fingers all day long, but this was the first time she fell asleep with them in her mouth. Seriously, could she be any cuter?

Lizzies April Field Trip

We went to the beautiful Smiley Library and read stories, then picnicked at Ford Park and fed the ducks. It was a very nice day and the kids had lots of fun.

Here is Lizzie listen to "Pirates don't change diapers".

Her work assignment is to draw a picture about the book. Trevors assignment was to NOT run!

And here is one of the few times Trevor would stop and look at a book. Aunt Melissa is always so wonderful to come with us. Not only does she help me earn extra hours, but the kids love to hang with her.

The kids loved feeding the ducks. (If only they were hungry).

Trevor decided he would feed himself the bread instead of the ducks. And YEAH! nobody fell into the pond. Could you image falling in that. I think the quote from a disneyland castmember fits perfectly here: "the water is green for a reason and you don't want that reason all over you"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lets Go Fly a Kite

Today was a nice breezy kind of day, so we got out the kite and had a nice time playing outside.

French Fries

I just downloaded the pictures off Todd's camera and I found these. They are from when Cora was born. I thought they were funny.

The Missing Spoon

My kids love digging outside in the dirt. About 3 weeks ago Trevor comes running in the house all distressed because he lost his spoon down a gopher hole. I went out armed with a flashlight and tongs, but could not find it. So I just thought he must have been mistaken. Well yesterday I went out to pick up the dishes and spoons out of the grass before the gardeners started mowing (they don't move anything they just run it over with the mower and we have lost many toys this way) and there on a huge gopher mound lay the missing spoon. I found that amusing.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We Miss You Uncle Greg

Uncle Greg accepted a job and has moved to Washington. We miss him very much and Christmas won't come soon enough this year. We are very excited for you and hope you are safe and staying dry :) Get that camera working so we can see some pics. Love you Greg!

Moments of Total Sweetness

Today I found Trevor doing the sweetest thing. Cora was laying on her tummy and Trevor went and found his favorite train book and brought it over and sat in front of her and started showing her the different trains. Then he went and got his train box out to play trains with her. I just sat there and watched him. What a great big brother he is.

Mmm Mmm Good

Well Tuesday was Cora's first time eating cereal and I have to say out of our 3 children she likes it the best. Our first time took a little work all she wanted to do was grab the spoon and laugh at me, but she very quickly figured out that it was food and now excitedly opens her mouth for it and I no longer have to hold her hands down. She still likes to laugh and giggle at me which I of course just love.

Our Trip to Utah

Well what a week we had. The kids just loved hanging out with their cousins. They are still talking about it. It always seems like Lizzie comes home a little more grown up, and I think Madilyn had a great influence on her this trip. Madilyn's Baptism was beautiful. She is so grown up and what a great choice she made. It was the first baptism that Lizzie and Trevor had attended and they really enjoyed seeing it take place. We also got a little of snow the last 2 days of our trip, which really got the kids excited. Trevor's first response was "I want to make a snowman." So I made him one, it was a sad little snowman (and grandpa got it on tape) but Trevor didn't notice. Lizzie and Madilyn had a special tea party. Almost :) everyone got in lots of Wii time with Uncle Greg. And it was great to celebrate Ethan and Madilyns Birthday. We made lots of fun memories and even the Long drive home went well, we aren't even going to talk about the trip up to Utah though!

Lizzie's Spring Party at School

I just love my cute little bunny. She had a lot of fun at her class party.

Happy Easter

We had such a wonderful Easter this year. One of my favorite things about were we live is that we can spend the holidays with both families. We spent Saturday at the Sparks' were the kids colored eggs and went on an egg hunt. We found all but 1 egg, only to find out the Grandpa found it earlier and put it in the house. Silly Grandpa!! Then we enjoyed some bbq hamburgers. We spent Sunday with the Poulsen's and had some delicious ham and potatoes and also celebrated Steph's B-day. The kids also got to go on a fun egg hunt. (The pics are on Todd's camera and I don't have it with me now, so I will upload later.) We hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

Trevors Party, March 21 2008

Trevor had such a blast at his birthday. We were so glad that everyone was able to make it. Trevor loved all his gifts. He has a lot of fun picking which Thomas shirt he gets to wear each day. I have to say the cookie decorating was a big hit again. I think we started out with 10 different types of sprinkles and by the time they were done there were only 4 containers left and 6 very decorated cookies. Although it seemed like they had more fun trying to eat the bubbles then their cookies. I love it!!!! Thank you all for coming it's always great to get the family together. **There were too many pics to choose from so I will upload them onto the Poulsen Photo Gallery in the next couple of days so you all can have the ones you want.