Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lizzies April Field Trip

We went to the beautiful Smiley Library and read stories, then picnicked at Ford Park and fed the ducks. It was a very nice day and the kids had lots of fun.

Here is Lizzie listen to "Pirates don't change diapers".

Her work assignment is to draw a picture about the book. Trevors assignment was to NOT run!

And here is one of the few times Trevor would stop and look at a book. Aunt Melissa is always so wonderful to come with us. Not only does she help me earn extra hours, but the kids love to hang with her.

The kids loved feeding the ducks. (If only they were hungry).

Trevor decided he would feed himself the bread instead of the ducks. And YEAH! nobody fell into the pond. Could you image falling in that. I think the quote from a disneyland castmember fits perfectly here: "the water is green for a reason and you don't want that reason all over you"

5 Happy Thoughts:

Becky and Ryan said...

Ahh, what a nice Auntie, tel Mel I said HI! I miss living close to my sis. I also miss FORD PARK! Sounds like a fun day! If Lizzie 5 or 4, she's Abby's age right.

rach said...

Yeah, she is Abby's age. She turns 5 in May.

Heather said... looks like you had so much fun on your field trip! Lucky you. You are such a big girl now and look at the great big girl things you get to do. It's so cool too that Aunt Melissa got to come with you. I'm glad Trevor didn't fall in the water too. I could only imagine what would've happened if it were Ethan there. Yikes!!!

Beth said...

So--how did Trevor do on his "assignment"?

rach said...

Not Very Well, but did you really have to ask :)