Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trevors Party, March 21 2008

Trevor had such a blast at his birthday. We were so glad that everyone was able to make it. Trevor loved all his gifts. He has a lot of fun picking which Thomas shirt he gets to wear each day. I have to say the cookie decorating was a big hit again. I think we started out with 10 different types of sprinkles and by the time they were done there were only 4 containers left and 6 very decorated cookies. Although it seemed like they had more fun trying to eat the bubbles then their cookies. I love it!!!! Thank you all for coming it's always great to get the family together. **There were too many pics to choose from so I will upload them onto the Poulsen Photo Gallery in the next couple of days so you all can have the ones you want.

1 Happy Thoughts:

Beth said...

It's always fun when the Poulsen family comes over. I will definitely pick up some more sprinkles, and maybe an item or two for the treasure chest :)

Happy Birthday to my fun, funny, energetic, crazy, wild, freckled nose, Thomas lovin', strawberry eatin' Trevor boy!

Gram-me Sparks