Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trevor's Birthday Party

I'm just sending out a reminder about Trevor's Birthday Party. It is Friday the 21st at 5pm at the Sparks home. We will be having breakfast for dinner (per Trevors request, you just gotta love kids parties). He can't wait to share his Thomas cake with all of you.

3 Happy Thoughts:

Pollak's said...

Hey Rachelle,
I just wanted to tell you that Mike got an appraisal down the street from your parents house on Friday at 5:00 so he was going to drop us off at your parents house for Trevors party on his way to his appraisal. Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways. He's had no appraisals for weeks and then all the sudden he gets one. Anyways I wanted to let you know that bit of good news. Have a great day!


Heather said...

So I just had to laugh at your reminder. We wish we could be there but we do have Thomas the Train spread out across our kitchen floor and we were trying to figure out what Ethan likes to eat most for his birthday dinner and we decided sausage. Be prepared to have Breakfast for his birthday dinner too. Happy Birthday Trevor!!!

Jen said...

Breakfast is definitely great any time of day. I have to agree with Trevor, especially since there's not usually much time in the mornings to go all out.