Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Point and.....Shoot!

One of my new jobs at church is to help plan Enrichment Classes. Well yesterday we had a photo class. I asked one of my friends and local photographers Gina Lee if she would be willing to teach us some tips on how to take good pictures. She said yes, and we were all very grateful. We met at Prospect Park and she suggested we bring our kids to practice on. We had a BLAST! She did an amazing job with the class. It was very interactive and everyone walked away feeling good about what they learned and we all had fun comparing our pictures. She gave us several tips which she will be posting on her blog, so don't forget to check them out. I have to say my favorite tip was about capturing the "details" of their lives. Gina you are a great teacher and you did an awesome job. Thank you!

Here we are getting down and dirty (literally), capturing our subject at her point of view. Cora was very willing to play in the grass for our benefit :)

I will post a slide show with some of the pictures I took, but this one is my favorite of them all. This is my good friend Cheryl's daughter Madison.
She didn't know I was taking pictures of her :)

Here is my Slide Show:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th of July...finally

We had a great time this year celebrating our Independence. We started out with the Scout's Flag Ceremony and Pancake Breakfast. Then we headed over to Steph's and Parley's for BBQ and Swimming. The kids had a great time. Lizzie even got in the water (with a lot of encouragement). But she had enough fun that we signed her up for swim lessons this week. We finished the night off hanging out at the UofR with a ton of friends and waiting for the show to start. The whole night was great. Trevor's favorite part was the air plane flyovers and the parachutes. Lizzie loved dancing to the Rod Stewart, Cher and Elvis impersonators. But the fireworks are always the coolest. Although Cora and Trevor fell asleep half way through them, so I caught a few on Camera for him to enjoy.

**I have to make a special note here that Trevor and I are also celebrating another kind of Independence. No More DIAPERS. He has surprised me. I thought he would be difficult, but once I discovered his love for Otter Pops (Thanks Grandma P) he basically did it himself, and boy did I need that. Way to go my little man.**

Here is a video of the flyovers. I'm posting it mostly so Trevor will stop bugging me to watch it on my camera. Now he can watch it whenever he wants :)

Here is the finale of the fireworks show. I just love fireworks, and Todd was able to get a great spot thanks to Jaren (your awesome) so they were very up close and personal, my favorite.

This one just makes me laugh. She's holding her hands together so she doesn't lose her bracelet. I love my goofy girl.