Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th of July...finally

We had a great time this year celebrating our Independence. We started out with the Scout's Flag Ceremony and Pancake Breakfast. Then we headed over to Steph's and Parley's for BBQ and Swimming. The kids had a great time. Lizzie even got in the water (with a lot of encouragement). But she had enough fun that we signed her up for swim lessons this week. We finished the night off hanging out at the UofR with a ton of friends and waiting for the show to start. The whole night was great. Trevor's favorite part was the air plane flyovers and the parachutes. Lizzie loved dancing to the Rod Stewart, Cher and Elvis impersonators. But the fireworks are always the coolest. Although Cora and Trevor fell asleep half way through them, so I caught a few on Camera for him to enjoy.

**I have to make a special note here that Trevor and I are also celebrating another kind of Independence. No More DIAPERS. He has surprised me. I thought he would be difficult, but once I discovered his love for Otter Pops (Thanks Grandma P) he basically did it himself, and boy did I need that. Way to go my little man.**

Here is a video of the flyovers. I'm posting it mostly so Trevor will stop bugging me to watch it on my camera. Now he can watch it whenever he wants :)

Here is the finale of the fireworks show. I just love fireworks, and Todd was able to get a great spot thanks to Jaren (your awesome) so they were very up close and personal, my favorite.

This one just makes me laugh. She's holding her hands together so she doesn't lose her bracelet. I love my goofy girl.

6 Happy Thoughts:

Danen & Brittany Johanson said...

When is the camping trip???

Danen & Brittany Johanson said...

Looks like a fun 4th!! CONGRATS on the NO DIAPERS!!! That is WONDERFUL!! I can't wait for that to happen here.. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed! LOL

Becky and Ryan said...

Wow what a banner day. Less diaper changes Horray for otter pops. The fireworks show look great. Planes and a big show. What a fun family day. Lizzie is too cute. I Love the trick to keep her braclet on. Kids are so funny.

Heather said...

Cute blog background!!! Congrats Trevor, you are such a big boy and may I say, you have made your mom so happy and proud! Your cousins really like otter pops too. Holidays are so much more fun with the get to enjoy all the little things again.

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the great videos, Ella and I love watching Lizzie dance, and the fireworks show is spectacular. Way to go Trevor, aren't undies way cooler than diapers.

Flightee said...

Diapers? Wow! I am so glad that I am not doing that anymore! Congrats Trevor!

Fireworks, BBQ & water - a great 4th of July. Soundsl like an amazing day!