Monday, June 30, 2008


So this evening we were heading over to the Walters for dinner, and I came into the kitchen to tell Trevor to put his shoes on and this is what I found.

The funny thing was after I saw he was asleep, I looked at the computer and saw that he had it on some Nick Jr. site and they were singing songs about going to sleep. Crazy Boy. But he has inspired me, what are some of the funniest places your kids have fallen asleep?

Kitchen Chair Fetal Position
Today (I thought it was funny he got out his pillow)
"I'm Cold" he told me. "Put on some Clothes" I told him. Then I found This
Cracker In Hand - Again -Where are his clothes?

4 Happy Thoughts:

Beth said...

oh my gosh...LOL

Adrienne said...

That is hilarious! I found Ella asleep under the kitchen table not too long ago. When she was a baby I found her asleep sitting up in the corner of her crib. Kids are so funny.

Heather said...'re so funny. Aren't they so sweet when they are asleep?

Becky and Ryan said...

Wow what a great sleeper. You have some great photos, silly guy.