Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Big.....30

Last Week I left my twenties behind. Now it's time to grow up :) It was a nice day. I spent the morning bowling and eating pizza with Miss Lizz and her class at her end of the year activity. Then Todd took my family and I out to a nice restaruant out in Palm Dessert, where I had the best Ceasar salad (it was even above Greg's standards) They made it table side from scratch, which went perfectly with my fillet mignon. It was delicious. Thanks Steph and Parley for watching the kids. And you know the best thing about being 30, is that I won't forget how old I am, at least for a year.

4 Happy Thoughts:

PotatoJack said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Rach!

I hope you got my message. The Big 30 is always fun. You won't remember your age every year after. Madilyn had to remind me i'm actually 32 now. Who knew.

Love ya...Chris

sparktacus said...

I wish I'd have had that salad myself. It's hard to find a cesar salad that's truly up to my standards.

And I didn't even realize you were 30! You ARE old now.


Beth said...

wow--i can't believe that three of my husband's children are thirty-something....It was a great dinner, every bite of salad i took reminded me of greg. Thanks Todd for the delicious meal

By the way--you brought in your thirties on a friday the 13th........