Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Look at Me Now!!

Cora is growing so fast. This is her new trick. She started pulling herself up about 2 weeks ago. We have just under 3 months till #4 is here. Do you think she will be walking? I'm hoping. But not counting on it.

3 Happy Thoughts:

sparktacus said...

Wow, already standing? This kid is shooting right up.

She might be walking by then. Maybe not anywhere useful...but she might be walking at least.

Beth said...

crazy girl, she is growing way too fast--i think greg has it right, she may be walking by then but probably not where or when you want her to.

Mama C said...

Hi Rach,
I can't believe how fast babies grow, and that Cora is trying to walk!

Baby C just got her first tooth and is trying to crawl. Not ready for that.

BTW, I forgot all about the IN-N-OUT card, will get it right now ready to mail tomorrow morning!

Take care.