Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Lizz

We celebrated Lizzie's 5th Birthday last week. All the family came over to the Sparks home and enjoyed some yummy food. Lizzie wanted my "special" Mac n' Cheese and pumpkin Mickey waffles. But we also had some BBQ for the grown ups. It was a nice relaxing day and the weather turned out to be alright. Well at least it wasn't freezing. We would also like to give a special thank you for the gifts. Lizzie has had a lot of fun watching and playing with her gifts, and so has Trevor :)

The kids jumped on the bouncer that sadly had a slow leak but kids can still make it fun.

Uncle Greg called and Lizzie had a special little chat with him.

I don't think I've ever seen them play so well at the sand table.

This is really a pull string pinata, but where's the fun if you can't hit it first.

Lizzie picked this cake off the Family Fun website. I was all for it since it was really easy and super cute. It got really windy all of a sudden so we had to go inside to light and blow out the candles.

But the coolest part was Grandpa's Gift. Look at her go.

5 Happy Thoughts:

Becky and Ryan said...

Super party. Phone call with uncle on a pink cell phone, playing outside, favorite food, princess pinata! Kid party's are great. What a smart idea to let her pick our her cake. I always need help with ideas for cakes! Her's turned out great. Did you use fruit roll-up for the bow? I like the sand box table. I have never seen one. Your Mom looks cute with strait hair. How are you doing cute little Mama?

sparktacus said...

Ah! It looks like it was a really happy birthday!

And I must admit, that phone call was pretty entertaining even if I had no idea what you were talking about ;)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Lizzie! It looks like you had a great party and may I say that your cake was so cool! I'm glad you had fun with your friends and family! You are getting so big that now you even have a big girl bike. AWESOME!!!

Beth said...

Cute pix rachelle, it was a fun day!

Meg said...

How fun, I might have to copy that cake sometime and you look soooo cute pregnant! My Sparky!!! How do you feel? Good I hope! Oh I am so glad we have gotten back in touch, your the best! One of these trips to Cali we will surely have to get together! I am sure Jake would love to see you too!