Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Crafty

So working on this Quietbook Swap has got me feeling all kinds of Crafty. I've been having lots of fun searching through blogs and finding fun little projects to work on. We celebrated my Sweet little niece Ella's Birthday this Sunday and that gave a the perfect opportunity to make this cute "kids flick" purse that I found on the object project. Then I added a sweet little felt flower I found on Craft Leftovers. I think it turned out cute and it was super simple to make. I left the bag of buttons out and Lizzie really wanted me to make something with them so I made a bracelet for both her and Ella. I found the tutorial for the bracelet over at creative kismet. Happy Crafting!

Our Happy 4th of July

We had a busy but great 4th of July. We started the day at the Scout Flag Ceremony and Pancake Breakfast. Todd left early to help cook and I showed up later with the kids. What I didn't know was that he was going to cook the whole time. Thanks to the muffin table and Lizzie the kids all sat in their seats while I waited in line to get the pancakes. After Breakfast we headed over to the Kennelly's for Lunch and Swimming. This year was the first time I was able to get my ENTIRE family in the water HAPPILY!!! No more fear of water, Yay! It was a lot of fun and it kept us nice and cool. Next we headed over to the U of R for the fireworks show. I love going here. We always meet up with a bunch of friends and hangout all night. This year the show was fantastic. It's amazing how with a little less money you can come up with a better show. I think they put more emphasis on why celebrate this wonderful Holiday. The Red White and Blue finale took my breath away, and it just kept going and going, even after the music had stopped and they were offering their thanks to those who helped put on the show. Anyway it was a great day. God Bless America!

Every year they have the parachuters drop down from the sky and land on the track. So Cool. The kids really get a kick out of this.

Here is Trevor busting a move to the Celebrity "look alike" Singer. Not sure who it was though? But it was from the Disco Era so all the kids where getting their groove on.

Yes you are seeing this correctly. That is Lizzie, Isabella and Trevor jumping in the pool unassisted. During swim lessons Lizzie wouldn't jump into the pool unless she was holding the teachers hands. And Trevor would never jump in, he would run away and grab his towel instead. So now swimming has become a fun summer activity for us FINALLY!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Climbing Rocks

A few weekends ago we headed up to Big Bear (such a pretty drive) with Gwen and Bennett Milloy. Todd's found a new hobby and yep that's right I climbed a rock. I haven't done this since I was back in YW's. It' wasn't pretty but I did it. What surprised me the most was that the kids wanted to try, well at least put on the cool gear. Lizzie made it up farther then Trevor. That was a real shocker.

I was so impressed watching Bennett and Gwen practically run up the rocks. They are some serious "rock stars'. Oh man that was a really cheesy pun, but I couldn't pass it up. Once again Mama Sparks would be so proud.

There's Cora hanging out with Gwen playing with the ipod touch. Why doesn't that surprise me. She's better at that thing than I am.

I've discovered I have a little adventure seeker. She really is a daddy's girl. She was all over the rocks. Her motto seemed to be why follow the trail when you can go through the trees.

Check her out. Mama's so proud.

Yep we even brought the Mag-pie. But what we didn't bring was the baby sling. We could have really used that.

Trevor loved the idea of climbing the rocks. He wasn't however a fan of actually doing it.

Minute Mug Cake

For Father's Day we painted mugs and filled them with the ingredients for a "Minute Chocolate Mug Cake". I think the kids liked it more than their daddy did though. But it's going on my list of quick and easy treats.

Here's how you make one...
Mix in your Mug: 1 egg, 3 Tbs. Milk, 3 Tbs. Oil, a splash of vanilla, 4 Tbs. Flour, 4 Tbs. Sugar, 2 Tbs. Cocoa, and 3 Tbs. Chocolate Chips. Cook in Microwave for about 2.5 minutes, cool slightly, turn out, and enjoy.

Try it out and see how you like it, or experiment and come up with your own creative concoctions. Although I do not suggest doing what Trevor did and add the chicken seasoning that was sitting on the counter. But we did make him a cinnamon vanilla cake since he is not a chocolate fan. 2.5 minutes and I have some happy kids. Love it!
A little sprinkle of powdered sugar and it is ready to eat.

A Poppin' Good Time

This happened a while ago, but I love the picture so I wanted to post it. We had a surprise visit on afternoon from Cheryl, Kendell, Sydney and Thys a few weeks ago. So of course we made popcorn. Kids love watching it pop everywhere. Plus it just tastes so good.

Summer Kickoff Tradition

This is one of my Favorite Traditions. To start off Summer we head down to Balboa Beach by way of Ferry Boat thanks to last years driving adventure. We always go early in the morning before it gets too hot and enjoy some sand, water and doughnuts. Then before heading home we grab some Rubys off the Pier where the kids walk around looking at all the fish the fisherman have caught off the end of the pier. This year there were some interesting finds. We saw a pod of dolphins swimming close to shore. Then on the pier we saw a Seal swimming in the water enjoying the fish from all the fisherman. And someone caught a Shovelnose Guitarfish. The kids found that fascinating.

Yep the sand was that good :)
She really enjoyed her (my) chocolate malt.
Those doughnuts sure were good.
Cora really enjoyed playing in the sand.
So Tristan started crawling away from us and we were trying to figure out where he was going. He was trying to catch himself a Seagull.
This was the first year that we, well Trevor and Grandma :) played in the water.
We always find it entertaining that we drive all the way to the beach so the kids can play on the playground.

"Mom, where's the ziplock baggies?"

So we were down to the last few weeks of school and Lizzie was really surprising me. She was waking up and getting dressed before I had even crawled out of bed. Well on this particular day I was woken up by her asking me for a ziplock baggie. I was really out of it and confused but finally figured out what she was asking. I told her they were in the cupboard. Later that morning when I started to make lunches, Lizzie informed me that she had already made hers. Cool one less thing I had to do, and off to school we went.

Here is her lunch....Graham Crackers (in a baggie),
Marshmallows and chocolate chips. The popcorn was a snack we made in class.
I'll be checking lunch bags from now on.

Trevors Graduation

We had a lot of fun in school this year, and we made lots of friends. Here is Trevor, Will and Jack goofing around and being boys.

Hmmm...I wonder who did this? Trevor, maybe?

I love the doing body tracings, but what I love more is that Trevor is winking at me.

Year One done. Summer here we come!

Lizzies Graduation

It's been a great year of learning and growing for our Miss Liz. Kindergarten here we come!

Lizzie and Olivia enjoying a slice.

Check this out Mom!

Congratulations Lizzie, and Thank you Mrs. Morales for making learning fun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rancho Mirage Children's Museum

Our last field trip this year was all the way out in Rancho Mirage, but it was worth the drive. The Children's Museum out there is fantastic. We had such a great time. Trevor was all over the place. I could hardly keep up with him, and Lizzie was in creativity, imagination heaven.

Here is the stringless harp and one of the few pictures I managed to get of Trevor.

The painted car was awesome. Lizzie had a blast leaving her mark (and layer of paint) behind.

Whenever I couldn't find Trevor this was the first place I looked. He is constructing a tunnel for the little balls to travel through.

The pizza was delicious, and boy did they make lots of pizza.

Show me that upper arm strength. First one to the top wins.

Now this maze was by far the coolest. Trevor didn't have the patience for it, but Lizzie did pretty well after she got the hang of it. You tie clip one end of the rope to yourself and the other to one of the colored ropes twisted around the poles. Then you had to follow your rope while weave in, out and around the tangled mess till you got to the end.

Officer Lizzie On Duty!

If your looking for a fun interactive place to go and you don't mind the drive. Head on over to the Children's Discovery Museum, you are guaranteed a good time.

Last Day of School

On our last day of school we headed over to the bowling alley to play one last time with our friends. They had a great time rolling the ball down the lane.

Here's Trevor and Tatum taking a break and sharing some pretzels.

Trevor was excited that Xander joined our class towards the end of the year. They had a lot of fun playing together. Nice smile Trevor.

Graceful Lizzie

Is she a bird or is she bowling? Maybe she is bowling like a bird. It's never boring with her around. That's right I got to go bowling twice in one week. It sure is fun being a preschool mom.