Monday, July 6, 2009

Climbing Rocks

A few weekends ago we headed up to Big Bear (such a pretty drive) with Gwen and Bennett Milloy. Todd's found a new hobby and yep that's right I climbed a rock. I haven't done this since I was back in YW's. It' wasn't pretty but I did it. What surprised me the most was that the kids wanted to try, well at least put on the cool gear. Lizzie made it up farther then Trevor. That was a real shocker.

I was so impressed watching Bennett and Gwen practically run up the rocks. They are some serious "rock stars'. Oh man that was a really cheesy pun, but I couldn't pass it up. Once again Mama Sparks would be so proud.

There's Cora hanging out with Gwen playing with the ipod touch. Why doesn't that surprise me. She's better at that thing than I am.

I've discovered I have a little adventure seeker. She really is a daddy's girl. She was all over the rocks. Her motto seemed to be why follow the trail when you can go through the trees.

Check her out. Mama's so proud.

Yep we even brought the Mag-pie. But what we didn't bring was the baby sling. We could have really used that.

Trevor loved the idea of climbing the rocks. He wasn't however a fan of actually doing it.

4 Happy Thoughts:

Nola said...

You're all rock stars! What a fun adventure.

beth said...

oh yeah, you guys rock for sure--i love that Cora and Mags join in on all of the activities--they don't miss a beat! (and yes, your corny/cheesy puns make your mama proud)

Adrienne said...

I love your new background, but I feel like all those owls staring at me.

Williams Family said...

looks like so much fun! Can't believe the kids tried it! Love the pun. Very funny =)