Monday, July 6, 2009

"Mom, where's the ziplock baggies?"

So we were down to the last few weeks of school and Lizzie was really surprising me. She was waking up and getting dressed before I had even crawled out of bed. Well on this particular day I was woken up by her asking me for a ziplock baggie. I was really out of it and confused but finally figured out what she was asking. I told her they were in the cupboard. Later that morning when I started to make lunches, Lizzie informed me that she had already made hers. Cool one less thing I had to do, and off to school we went.

Here is her lunch....Graham Crackers (in a baggie),
Marshmallows and chocolate chips. The popcorn was a snack we made in class.
I'll be checking lunch bags from now on.

1 Happy Thoughts:

beth said...

sounds like a s'more in the making--hey at least Lizzie knows what she wants and she's not going to let nutrition stand in her way!!