Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Kickoff Tradition

This is one of my Favorite Traditions. To start off Summer we head down to Balboa Beach by way of Ferry Boat thanks to last years driving adventure. We always go early in the morning before it gets too hot and enjoy some sand, water and doughnuts. Then before heading home we grab some Rubys off the Pier where the kids walk around looking at all the fish the fisherman have caught off the end of the pier. This year there were some interesting finds. We saw a pod of dolphins swimming close to shore. Then on the pier we saw a Seal swimming in the water enjoying the fish from all the fisherman. And someone caught a Shovelnose Guitarfish. The kids found that fascinating.

Yep the sand was that good :)
She really enjoyed her (my) chocolate malt.
Those doughnuts sure were good.
Cora really enjoyed playing in the sand.
So Tristan started crawling away from us and we were trying to figure out where he was going. He was trying to catch himself a Seagull.
This was the first year that we, well Trevor and Grandma :) played in the water.
We always find it entertaining that we drive all the way to the beach so the kids can play on the playground.

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beth said...

i too, love this tradition. It is always so much fun. (I have a pic of Lizzie's foot in the water)