Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rancho Mirage Children's Museum

Our last field trip this year was all the way out in Rancho Mirage, but it was worth the drive. The Children's Museum out there is fantastic. We had such a great time. Trevor was all over the place. I could hardly keep up with him, and Lizzie was in creativity, imagination heaven.

Here is the stringless harp and one of the few pictures I managed to get of Trevor.

The painted car was awesome. Lizzie had a blast leaving her mark (and layer of paint) behind.

Whenever I couldn't find Trevor this was the first place I looked. He is constructing a tunnel for the little balls to travel through.

The pizza was delicious, and boy did they make lots of pizza.

Show me that upper arm strength. First one to the top wins.

Now this maze was by far the coolest. Trevor didn't have the patience for it, but Lizzie did pretty well after she got the hang of it. You tie clip one end of the rope to yourself and the other to one of the colored ropes twisted around the poles. Then you had to follow your rope while weave in, out and around the tangled mess till you got to the end.

Officer Lizzie On Duty!

If your looking for a fun interactive place to go and you don't mind the drive. Head on over to the Children's Discovery Museum, you are guaranteed a good time.

2 Happy Thoughts:

beth said...

what a cool looking museum--yet another activity to add to our list. so many fun hands on things, we need to do that the next time the Utah Sparks visit

Meagan said...

I remember going there when I just younger than Lizzie. Painting the car was my favorite. :D