Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Point and.....Shoot!

One of my new jobs at church is to help plan Enrichment Classes. Well yesterday we had a photo class. I asked one of my friends and local photographers Gina Lee if she would be willing to teach us some tips on how to take good pictures. She said yes, and we were all very grateful. We met at Prospect Park and she suggested we bring our kids to practice on. We had a BLAST! She did an amazing job with the class. It was very interactive and everyone walked away feeling good about what they learned and we all had fun comparing our pictures. She gave us several tips which she will be posting on her blog, so don't forget to check them out. I have to say my favorite tip was about capturing the "details" of their lives. Gina you are a great teacher and you did an awesome job. Thank you!

Here we are getting down and dirty (literally), capturing our subject at her point of view. Cora was very willing to play in the grass for our benefit :)

I will post a slide show with some of the pictures I took, but this one is my favorite of them all. This is my good friend Cheryl's daughter Madison.
She didn't know I was taking pictures of her :)

Here is my Slide Show:

6 Happy Thoughts:

gina lee ~ said...

Rachelle, those are amazing.... I can tell the difference in your previous post to this one already.. Wow.. see you are a pro in 30 minutes.. ;) You really just have to get "down and dirty" like you said.. and get down on their level..
I had a blast.. thanks for inviting me.. we will have to do it again sometime.. :)
I will post more picture and the video soon on my blog.. take care..

Natalie said...

Rach, wow I love the photos. I can not beleive how big the kids are. I feel like I have been gone forever! I miss our Apartment Days (pre-kids).

Becky and Ryan said...

Great new background. Neat enrichment. It looks like a success. I love digital cameras! It was fun to see pictures of Kyla Too!! I hope you are doing good, you keep busy. How do you have so much energy!

Beth said...

Great pics and it was such a good idea to bring Lizzie her own camera. She had so much fun taking pictures. It was a fun class, Thanks to Gina.

PS--i like the new background

Flightee said...

What fun! Great pictures. All of the kids were cute!

Mama C said...

Those were amazing pictures you took of some really cute and sweet kids!
Hope you are feeling well.