Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Easter

We had such a wonderful Easter this year. One of my favorite things about were we live is that we can spend the holidays with both families. We spent Saturday at the Sparks' were the kids colored eggs and went on an egg hunt. We found all but 1 egg, only to find out the Grandpa found it earlier and put it in the house. Silly Grandpa!! Then we enjoyed some bbq hamburgers. We spent Sunday with the Poulsen's and had some delicious ham and potatoes and also celebrated Steph's B-day. The kids also got to go on a fun egg hunt. (The pics are on Todd's camera and I don't have it with me now, so I will upload later.) We hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

1 Happy Thoughts:

Beth said...

okay--that picture of Cora is absolutely adorable, my little cutie-patootie!

I love having the kids over for fun family times whether it's a holiday or just a regular day! Luv ya

Gram-me Sparks