Friday, November 21, 2008

Cotton Candy Pink

About 6 months ago Lizzie started wearing glasses to strengthen her right eye. We went in last month to see if they were working and we are so grateful that they are. But I also learned that the pair of glasses we originally picked weren't sturdy enough for her active life. They were so bent out of shape, and the doctor told me that since they were sitting crooked on her face that it changes the prescription. So we need stronger glasses. And these adorable pink glasses won. They are Disney Princess glasses and yep that's right, they are Cotton Candy Pink. These two facts made it easier for her to let go of her originals. She gets so attached to things.

Look Mom, No Hands!

She is growing so fast. 

Gram-me's Back Yard

My parents have quite a large back yard, and up until recently it was pretty much unusable. Now it is an empty canvas. The kids are already having a blast running around back there. They were so excited to see a tractor in Gram-me's backyard.

Lizzie Student of the Week

Lizzie was so excited to be student of the week. Her favorite part...Ringing the class bell of course and showing her poster to the class. 

Snowline, Oak Glen

This was a field-trip we took back in October. It was so beautiful up in Oak Glen, and the weather was perfect. As we walked through the orchard the smell of apples was unbelievably delicious. We made apple cider and watched the apple sorting machine. We sampled the apple cider doughnuts and tried not to get hit by the falling chestnut seed pods falling from California's oldest chestnut tree.

Use those muscles Trevor. This is the cider press. First you had to chop up the apples.

Then you turned the press and out came the cider. It was delicious.

Happy Valley Ranch, How Cute!

I had never seen a chestnut tree before. Those spiky little balls are the seed pods. The picnic tables were under this tree, and it was harvest time for the chestnuts. Needless to say it was an adventurous lunch.