Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mickey's Trick or Treat Party

We had such a fun night on Thursday. We kicked off our Halloween Celebration early by partying at California Disney. We have gone the last 4 years and the kids (and the grown-ups too) have so much fun. It is a night full of treats, dancing, crafts, and rides, who wouldn't enjoy that?

Here we are waiting to ride Flick's Flyers. 

Here is Gramme and Tinkerbell just finishing the Treat Trail.

Here is our Little Squirt and Buzz Light"Ears" 
(I think it is hilarious that he tucks his mask behind his ears.)

Trevor loves this ride he calls is "Rock and Roll" instead of Tuck and Roll. So Cute!

Dancing with Tambourines 

My Little Pumpkin

Cora was so cute in her Squirt costume, this was the beginning of the night.

And this was toward the end of the night. I love how she is resting her head on her hand.

This is Lizzie,  Trevor, and Gram-me's  favorite part,
dancing the night away. 

10 Happy Thoughts:

Beth said...

Hmmm--as i recall, grandpa looked just like Cora by the end of the night. This was so much fun--I really enjoyed my Lizzie time

Nola said...

How fun. You guys are party animals. I loved the costumes and the dancing.

Lindsey said...

your kiddos are too cute!

Adrienne said...

That looks like a great kick off for halloween. Lizzie is such an awesome dancer!

Jen Poulsen said...

What a blast! I really enjoyed the video and it gave me a much needed laugh today:)

The Molino Family said...

Hey found your blog! that looks really fun. I'm going to have to try that next year....

Kendells said...

What a bunch of adorable kids, it looks like you had a great time. We must have just missed you...we were there that same night. It was break for UEA and we took the kids to Disney. We had a wonderful time, but didn't get to take part in the trick or treating.

hanesville said...

You are such a cute family! They look so cute in their costumes! You look great too!

Palazuelos Family said...

Hey Rachelle, your family is so cute! I saw you on someelses blog and had to jump on:) How's Melissa? Does she have a blog? Tell her I said hi:)

LOve, Tina

Becky and Ryan said...

Lucky! Hey your family photo is color coordinated, impressive.