Monday, December 29, 2008

'Tis the Season

We are having such a fun Holiday. Here are some things we enjoyed.

Our neighbor Anne made this really cool train for us. Lizzie is in Candy Heaven. She snacked on it all Christmas Eve and Day. We had some serious Sugar Rush at Gram-me's!

These are the treats we made for friends and neighbors. We baked different types of sweet breads in tin cans. Then decorated them. Don't be a hater, but I love Martha Stewart :)

We were so excited that Uncle Greg flew down to share the Holiday with us. We visited the Mission Inn in Riverside with the Ballantynes. I've never been there before. It was really beautiful. 
This was the huge tree inside the Inn. So warm and cheery.

3 Happy Thoughts:

Meg said...

Man I thought my Christmas treats were cute, yours are awesome, might steal it next year! Love the dollhouse too, Jake is so building one of those next year! Come on, he has 4 daughters, he is lucky to have made it this far, but now that I can show him your pic to copy, he is done in!
I want to see pics of the new house too!

The Molino Family said...

It's fun to see the candy train on blog! glad you guys liked it!

Becky and Ryan said...

Have I told you lately you are awesome. Well you are! Love the post and your treats, wow amazing. I want to live in your neighborhood.