Sunday, December 7, 2008

"When I think of Jesus, it make me feel Happy"

On Sunday's when we get to church the first thing Lizzie likes to do is get the program for us. Then she looks through it to see how long it is. Today as she was going through it, she pointed to the words "Bearing of  Testimonies".  She then asked me what that meant and I told her it is when you go up to the podium and tell people how we feel about Jesus and his gospel. In which she responded: "I want to do that." My heart just swelled. Then I told her daddy would love to go up with her :).  It was a sweet and simple little testimony. She is really beginning to grow up fast. I love you Miss Liz!

1 Happy Thoughts:

Stephanie said...

Yes, your Miss Liz is growing up, that is really touching she bore her testimony.