Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cheetos and Strawberry Ice Cream Please!

On Trevor's actual birthday he went to Disneyland (for free) with Gram-me, Aunt Melissa and Tristan. He was gone ALL day and boy did he have lots of fun. Here are a few picture highlighting some of the memorable moments.

Whenever I send my kids anywhere I always have them bring snacks with them and as usual I did the same on this day. So when it came time to eat and Grandma asked where did you want to eat he replied: "Oh that's okay I brought my lunch, but you can eat here." He did however let Gram-me get him some Cheetos and Strawberry Ice Cream. Which was about all he ate that day. Sounds like the perfect birthday meal to me.

He also acted as navigator for the entire trip. Whenever they chose a new place to go he pulled out his map and pointed where to go. Even if it meant going back and forth across Disneyland (and California Adventure)  several times.  I have to say Gram-me and Aunt Melissa were great sports about it too.

Here is a fun one just because he LOVES riding on the cars.

Now some may ask why is he wearing a jacket on such a warm day? And why did Gram-me have to walk to the other side of Flik's Fun Fair and back to get it? All you have to do is look at this picture and you know the reason. He knows that Heimlich is a messy eater and he isn't going to get sprayed.

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beth said...

we had an absolute blast, i can't wait to take him again