Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pizza and Cake and Toys.....Oh MY!!!

And last but far from the least, we had Trevor's birthday the following Sunday with our Family. It was a great time. We had homemade pizza and Mac n'cheese (all filled with hidden veggies, of course) , fresh fruit (thanks Grandma), and fresh squeezed lemonade. The kids had a great time making their very own personal pizza's.

I have to say these are some yummy looking pizza's!

Then of course you have to have a Thomas cake. Thanks Gram-me for picking such a good looking cake. I think he likes it, what do you think?

Trevor enjoyed all his great gifts, but I have to say this one was a quick favorite with everyone. It is a dump truck that comes with tools so you can take it apart and put it back together.

So what happens when you are filled with lots of good food and sweets and no one will let you play with you new cool toys?
you CRASH!!! 

3 Happy Thoughts:

Melissa Sparks Jorgensen said...

That was a really fun party! Thank you Trevor for inviting me.

Anne said...

What a cute party! My mom used to let us make our own mini pizzas and you just brought back a really great memory!

beth said...

i've decided i like homemade pizza much better than bought. By the way, Trevor doesn't ever crash, he re-energizes.