Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Fun Fridays

We had a lot of fun this past summer. Every friday we tried to get out and have an adventure with Gram-me, Meli and Tristan.

This friday we went to Ford Street Park to feed the ducks and run around a little. Then we finished the day off with a little ice cream from Thrifty's. It was a nice summer day.

The nice thing about going to the park early is that the ducks are actually hungry, so they will swim to you. These are some well fed ducks.

Too Cool!

Want to Hear a Story?
So Im taking a picture of this cute little duck couple when I suddenly see something in the background.....TREVOR!! What is he doing all the way over there? And if that is not enough he is standing on one of the ponds drains. On the backside of these drains are little water slides. We were playing on one earlier taking fun pictures like the one below. Then all of a sudden he jumps down the backside of this drain and disappears from sight. Oh yeah I totally freaked and ran like a crazy lady around the pond only to find......
This little ramp. Crazy Boy!!!

3 Happy Thoughts:

beth said...

wow, when you look back we really did have a lot of fun fridays (though i didn't see any pictures from doughnuts at the beach)

this is a tradition we need to keep!! it started when you guys were little and i'd do a special activity on Friday's during the long summer break.

rach said...

The beach pictures are further down on the blog. Back when I was good about posting things. Im all for it, the nice thing is that since we do it every week it doesn't have to be some elaborate activity. Something as simple as a trip to the library, and picnic at the park is plenty of fun. Although did you notice a recurring theme on our little trips? We always ended it with ice cream!

beth said...

nuh uh--we started out with ice cream when we went for waffles, besides nothing wrong with ice cream in the summer!