Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun Friday: Lake Arrowhead

This trip is still fresh in my children's memories. How could you forget your first trip to the Belgian Waffle Works. Where you can order waffles topped with ICE CREAM!! Check out these huge platefuls. The kids were in sugar heaven. Or my personal favorite the Benedict Waffle. So Yummy!! Is it summer yet, I'm getting a craving.

Here is Trevor's waffle a la mode.
Liz is in chocolate heaven.
After our tummies were full it's time to feed the ducks. Oh and the fish too.
Then to work off some of that sugar how about a little bowling. This fun friday was extra special since Grandpa was able to join us. With a crowd like this, it was a good thing the place was empty.
Even though the babies couldn't bowl they found other ways to entertain. Love that Tristan.

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