Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too Cute Not To Share

We took these pictures a few weeks ago. My sister and I were taking pictures of Tristan and Maggie together for our thank you cards (which I still haven't mailed out, SORRY!) and I decided to take a picture of my two youngest daughters. In this picture Cora is one week shy of being a One year old, and Maggie is One month old. It has really been a crazy few months, but in all honesty....I'm Loving It!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

IEOPBC Photo Contest...Featuring My Awesome Vita-Mix

So the food co-op I participate in is having a little photo contest using the fruits and veggies we've received. And since my wonderful husband bought my Christmas present early (a beautiful Vita-Mix) I thought I would participate. Here is the very first thing I made with my new machine. I used apples and spinach from today's share and celery from last week. These are my Before and After pictures. It was Yummy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mickey's Trick or Treat Party

We had such a fun night on Thursday. We kicked off our Halloween Celebration early by partying at California Disney. We have gone the last 4 years and the kids (and the grown-ups too) have so much fun. It is a night full of treats, dancing, crafts, and rides, who wouldn't enjoy that?

Here we are waiting to ride Flick's Flyers. 

Here is Gramme and Tinkerbell just finishing the Treat Trail.

Here is our Little Squirt and Buzz Light"Ears" 
(I think it is hilarious that he tucks his mask behind his ears.)

Trevor loves this ride he calls is "Rock and Roll" instead of Tuck and Roll. So Cute!

Dancing with Tambourines 

My Little Pumpkin

Cora was so cute in her Squirt costume, this was the beginning of the night.

And this was toward the end of the night. I love how she is resting her head on her hand.

This is Lizzie,  Trevor, and Gram-me's  favorite part,
dancing the night away. 

Student Of The Week

Last week Trevor was Student of the Week at his Preschool. We made a fun poster to show to the class, and he got to ring the bell all week. It is so fun to watch him interact and learn with the other kids in his class. He is growing up so fast.

Here he is telling the class about some of his favorite things.

Mrs. Morales is giving him his special certificate. Congratulations Little Man.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Four Little Pumpkins

For family home evening this week, we carved the pumpkins we picked from the pumpkin patch field-trip last Wednesday. The kids had a blast, and so did I since I love getting my hands all slimy and pumpkiny (my new word) :). Now it's time to bake those seeds. Yummm

4 Little Pumpkins All In A Row
Can you guess who is Lizzie and who is Trevor?

Happy Halloween

Too Cool Kid :)
Cute Girl

Boo...Watch me Glow!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hand-Me-Down Heaven

This is for my SIL Heather. She has given me all her girl hand-me-downs and I noticed that on this particular Sunday I had all 3 of my girls in her clothes. PS - Lizzie loves the new dress. She wants to wear it ALL the time, she feels like a princess in it :)

Ketchup Flavored Popcorn

The other day Trevor asked me for chicken nuggets and ketchup, but we were out of them. So this is what he asked for instead. The kid loves ketchup, he even dipped his fruit leather in it. Mmmm, appetizing. 
 To be a kid again :) 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

She is One!!!

Today is our sweet Cora's first birthday. 
She is the happiest little girl and when she smiles it lights up my world.

Happy Birthday Little Lady, Im glad you enjoyed your cupcake.

Green Spot Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the GreenSpot Pumpkin Patch for our October Field Trip. Going on field trips is one of my favorite parts of Preschool. Today was so much fun, but the best part was that Daddy was able to stop by and play with us. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Word Cloud

Now it is your turn.
I hope some of you post your clouds. 
I think they are so cool.
Have Fun!


So one of the moms at preschool told me about a food co-op in Redlands called Inland Empire Organic Produce Buying Club. It is really cool. This past Saturday was my first time attending. I was so interested that I volunteered to help set up that morning.  Seriously I was so excited it felt like Christmas morning. What I love most is that I get about 90% of what I normally would eat and 10% of new things to try. Plus I get to support our local growers and know that my food is coming from a safe place. I can't thank the organizer Alexis enough for working so hard to make it happen.  If you want more information on the group or want to join, just click on the link above. 

So here is what our share looked like. Not bad for $22.00.

The Napa Cabbage was HUGE, see the comparison.

Ahhh, look at the little Cabbage Patch Kids :)