Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Do You Like My Dance Moves?

My Interpretation of Maggie's Thoughts:

No mom I will not sit up, but how do you like this move?

Okay how about this, Is this close enough for you? Now let me play!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Was In The Kitchen When....

I heard a loud "THUNK". I immediately stop what I am doing and wait for the inevitable cry to follow. Only it never came. Instead I heard little cheers of excitement. When I headed into the living room to find out what was going on this is what I found. 
She finally did it. All week long she has been trying to push over this table. Who knew upside down tables could be so much fun.

"I Don't Believe It!!!"

That was Trevor's response when he walked into Grandma's craft room on Friday. Grandpa bought a few new tracks for his Train set and had set it all up. Here they are fixing it up again after Cora, Cora, Cora the Destroyer (sung to the tune of Dora the Explorer) had a run in with it. These two kids look pretty happy playing with their trains.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dinosaur Hill

Two weeks ago Lizzie and Trevor's classes combined for a fun and educational field-trip to 
 We learned all about different types of minerals and how they are used. We also got to touch a fossil of dinosaur poop. The kids got a kick out of that. But I would have to say the coolest was the magnetized rock and the nail. Lizzie was a little nervous but found the courage to try it.

After learning about minerals we hit the trails to see all the dinosaur sculptures. I thought this guy looked like a psycho gopher.

I don't know which is scarier the T-rex or the glare Trevor is giving me.

This was the coolest sculpture of a brachiosaurus. It was "Ginourmous". Trevor, Jack, Liz, and Olivia look up in amazement.

At the top of the hill are these cool sculptures. This was as close as Trevor was going to get to them. He makes me laugh so much. 

Big Hug, Tight Squeeze Lizzie!

Just Hangin' out after collecting out Minerals and playing with the Dinosaurs. Lizzie and Olivia have developed such a sweet friendship. Look at them holding hands. Does it get any sweeter than that?

A Few Sweet Treats

These are just a few pictures of my Cora Girl and Mag-pie that I just love. 

I LOVE Mag-pies little side lip pout. 

I never get tired of Cora's "Oh someone is taking a picture of me face"

Tristan and Mag's playing together at Trevors Birthday Party.

This one was taken back at the apartments. She walked around all night with that backpack on her head. She thought it was very funny when she ran into things.

I Could Just Eat Him Up!

Trevor the lucky boy got to celebrate his 4th birthday 3 times this year. Since his birthday was going to be during spring break we took cupcakes to class the week before. He wanted Thomas the Train Cupcakes, and this is what I came up with. He loved them as you can tell!

and so did Cora!

Cheetos and Strawberry Ice Cream Please!

On Trevor's actual birthday he went to Disneyland (for free) with Gram-me, Aunt Melissa and Tristan. He was gone ALL day and boy did he have lots of fun. Here are a few picture highlighting some of the memorable moments.

Whenever I send my kids anywhere I always have them bring snacks with them and as usual I did the same on this day. So when it came time to eat and Grandma asked where did you want to eat he replied: "Oh that's okay I brought my lunch, but you can eat here." He did however let Gram-me get him some Cheetos and Strawberry Ice Cream. Which was about all he ate that day. Sounds like the perfect birthday meal to me.

He also acted as navigator for the entire trip. Whenever they chose a new place to go he pulled out his map and pointed where to go. Even if it meant going back and forth across Disneyland (and California Adventure)  several times.  I have to say Gram-me and Aunt Melissa were great sports about it too.

Here is a fun one just because he LOVES riding on the cars.

Now some may ask why is he wearing a jacket on such a warm day? And why did Gram-me have to walk to the other side of Flik's Fun Fair and back to get it? All you have to do is look at this picture and you know the reason. He knows that Heimlich is a messy eater and he isn't going to get sprayed.

Pizza and Cake and Toys.....Oh MY!!!

And last but far from the least, we had Trevor's birthday the following Sunday with our Family. It was a great time. We had homemade pizza and Mac n'cheese (all filled with hidden veggies, of course) , fresh fruit (thanks Grandma), and fresh squeezed lemonade. The kids had a great time making their very own personal pizza's.

I have to say these are some yummy looking pizza's!

Then of course you have to have a Thomas cake. Thanks Gram-me for picking such a good looking cake. I think he likes it, what do you think?

Trevor enjoyed all his great gifts, but I have to say this one was a quick favorite with everyone. It is a dump truck that comes with tools so you can take it apart and put it back together.

So what happens when you are filled with lots of good food and sweets and no one will let you play with you new cool toys?
you CRASH!!! 

Dr Seuss Days

In the month of March our local Library celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday by giving out some of his book to the children. After reading a book and coloring a picture they got to choose one of his books to keep. Both Lizzie and Trevor went with their school. But even though we enjoy the free books the best thing we walked away with is our new Library Card. Smiley is such a beautiful Library and the kids really enjoy going and picking new books to read.

Pureeing Maniacs

So a couple of weeks ago I got together with Meli and we made made a bunch of baby food. I love being able to make yummy food for our little ones, and well also for my not so little ones who won't eat their veggies. Now they do, they just don't know it!