Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cora's Birthday {number 2}

So I know her birthday was back in October, but Im still catching up from way back when.

Gathering for Birthdays is one of my favorite activities.
Family + Food + Presents + Cake = Lots of fun!

She loves cakes, just like her mommy.

Gram-me paper crafted a very cute frame for her.

Aunt Adrienne made this adorable sock monkey, which she loves.

The Kennellys made her this fun ipod shirt for her.
She likes to pretend to push the buttons.

Cora also likes having her own special place to sit.
That is when Maggie isn't being a chair hog!

Here are some of Cora's favorite Apps made into cute mini cupcakes.
These were fun to make....and eat!

Mag's sure enjoyed them.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Adrienne said...

That was a great party, those apps were tasty!

beth said...

Cora really did love all her gifts--so cute. Making the app cake was so fun and the theme is so Cora. (she may be the only little girl in the world who didn't have a princess party but then didn't Lizzie have a pirate party for her 2nd bday? Must be a Poulsen thing :) )