Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Halloween 2009

Candy...Costumes...and Parties.
No wonder the kids all love Halloween so much.
This year we kept it simple. We headed over to the local pumpkin patch to play a little. Then we headed to Gram-me's to play some more. Then ended the night gathering treats at our wards Trunk or Treat and Chili Cook off.

So as we are getting older we are begining to out grow the costumes we own. Lizzie managed to fit into a hand-me-down princess dress from her cousin Madilyn. Cora and Maggie are wearing Lizzie and Trevors old costumes from a few years back. But there was no way Trevor was going to squeeze into his Buzz Lightyear costume again. It was tight enough last year. So I asked what he wanted to be and he said a plane. And this is what I came up with...

He was thrilled. I even managed to find some old Buzz Lightyear stickers for him to decorate his plane with.

It's not often we get a family picture with all of us in it. Here is the Poulsen Clan, Trevor is the pilot. Maggie is Squirt from Finding Nemo. Lizzie is Sleeping Beauty. Cora is Jesse from Toy Story. I was a Jelly Fish, but I didn't think to get it out for the picture, and Todd was...well...Todd.
Happy Halloween

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beth said...

i think my favorite part of the evening was when Trevor ran off leaving his costume behind and we had two babies so Lizzie in her Princess dress was wearing the plane. Princess Pilot was a great costume!