Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Stupendously Superb Celebration

That's exactly how Moose A. Moose and Zee would describe this BIRTHDAY.

On August 29th we celebrated Tristan and Maggies First Birthdays. Tristan being the elder by 4 days. Maggie was born on September 2nd. It's been fun watching these two grow. They get to play together every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and have a cute little friendship. They have grown so much it's actually hard to believe that they are only one. But I keep reminding myself to take it all in. Maggie is my last baby, and I am experiencing the "Last of the Firsts". It's somewhat bittersweet, but I think she knows it and is going to take advantage of it every chance she gets. Maggie is unlike any of my other children. She is feisty and determined. I think she knows that being number 4 means you have to be loud if you don't want to get overlooked. This sweet girl can melt my heart and have me pulling my hair out all in the same moment.
I Love you Mag-pie!

Melissa made the super cute Moose A. Moose rice crispy treat. And she helped me make the adorable Zee cupcakes. It's so much fun making these sweet treats.

Maggie and Tristan were pretty excited to be so close to the treats.
I love how Tristan glances back to make sure they won't stop him. While Maggie gazes wonderingly at the icing on her fingers. She is very quick, and if you're not careful she will snatch things right out of your hand. Isn't that right Tristan. Just ask him he'll tell you all about the disappearing beef jerky story or the missing fruit sancks...bottle....

Oh yeah...that's good!

Sweet. I get a whole cupcake. Hurry dad sit me down and let me have at it!

Well birthdays aren't all about "Sweet Tweets" (hehe I couldn't resist). We did some coloring and of course you can't come over to my house without playing some version of pin the tail on the donkey. Here we are playing Pin The Flower on Zee. Wow isn't it amazing how close Trevor made it to the right spot. Hmmmm I wonder if he was cheating?
And you can't forget presents! But you can forget to take pictures of them. I might have to check Grandma's camera or Aunt Meli maybe they have some.
Happy Birthday Maggie and Tristan.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Natalie said...

I love the joint party. Those cup cakes are so cute.

beth said...

these two little ones have been so much fun!! sorry, you'll have to check with meli and the other grandma--someone accidently deleted my pics (i'm still sooo sad about that)