Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cora's Birthday {number 2}

So I know her birthday was back in October, but Im still catching up from way back when.

Gathering for Birthdays is one of my favorite activities.
Family + Food + Presents + Cake = Lots of fun!

She loves cakes, just like her mommy.

Gram-me paper crafted a very cute frame for her.

Aunt Adrienne made this adorable sock monkey, which she loves.

The Kennellys made her this fun ipod shirt for her.
She likes to pretend to push the buttons.

Cora also likes having her own special place to sit.
That is when Maggie isn't being a chair hog!

Here are some of Cora's favorite Apps made into cute mini cupcakes.
These were fun to make....and eat!

Mag's sure enjoyed them.

Hmmm...Picking Party Ideas For Cora?

Coming up with the theme for Coras birthday wasn't that hard. Anyone who knows her knows she is our little tech-girl. Some of you have even been the victims of her random emails and facebook postings.

Halloween 2009

Candy...Costumes...and Parties.
No wonder the kids all love Halloween so much.
This year we kept it simple. We headed over to the local pumpkin patch to play a little. Then we headed to Gram-me's to play some more. Then ended the night gathering treats at our wards Trunk or Treat and Chili Cook off.

So as we are getting older we are begining to out grow the costumes we own. Lizzie managed to fit into a hand-me-down princess dress from her cousin Madilyn. Cora and Maggie are wearing Lizzie and Trevors old costumes from a few years back. But there was no way Trevor was going to squeeze into his Buzz Lightyear costume again. It was tight enough last year. So I asked what he wanted to be and he said a plane. And this is what I came up with...

He was thrilled. I even managed to find some old Buzz Lightyear stickers for him to decorate his plane with.

It's not often we get a family picture with all of us in it. Here is the Poulsen Clan, Trevor is the pilot. Maggie is Squirt from Finding Nemo. Lizzie is Sleeping Beauty. Cora is Jesse from Toy Story. I was a Jelly Fish, but I didn't think to get it out for the picture, and Todd was...well...Todd.
Happy Halloween

Birthday Capes

These were really easy and really fun to make. I found the tutorial over at The Pleated Poppy.
I made them for my niece and nephew Isabella and Donovan for their birthdays. Lizzie and Trevor couldn't wait to try them out. You know to make sure they worked and all.

Oak Glen Fieldtrip 2009

After the fires up in Oak Glen this year I was very excited to hear that all the orchards were safe and that we would still be able to go on our field trip to Snowline. It was a beautiful day with such nice weather, and what was even better was that the girls were in a good mood. It made for a very pleasant morning.

Yummy Apples

Cranking the wheel and making apple cider.

Crush those apples Trevor!

Amy's Farm

This was our second time visiting Amy's Farm and it was just as fun as the first. We got to see their huge mother cow, and pet the goats. We picked carrots from their garden to feed to the horses. But we had to make sure we watched where we stepped. The ground was wriggling with tons of little caterpillars.

One Very Hot Day and One Special Birthday

Over the Summer we celebrated Grandma LaRue Poulsen's 90th Birthday. It was good to see and meet so many Poulsen relatives. It was very hot that day. The temperature was well into the 100's and we had fun finding ways to stay cool. I think the key ingredient for a fun Summer Party is




and more Water!!

and she is just CUTE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Conversation With Trevor

On the way home from picking Lizzie up from school Trevor asked:

Trevor: "Mom, where is dad's work?"

Mom: "Dad doesn't work in one place. He works wherever people want work done. So right now he is working by the Hospital."


Mom: "No not at the hospital, BY the hospital. You know the place where you were all born. He is working in a house around the corner from it.

Trevor: "I wasn't born in a Hospital. I was dropped from the air by Jesus."

Yeah, I think he is getting his stories a little mixed up.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Stupendously Superb Celebration

That's exactly how Moose A. Moose and Zee would describe this BIRTHDAY.

On August 29th we celebrated Tristan and Maggies First Birthdays. Tristan being the elder by 4 days. Maggie was born on September 2nd. It's been fun watching these two grow. They get to play together every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and have a cute little friendship. They have grown so much it's actually hard to believe that they are only one. But I keep reminding myself to take it all in. Maggie is my last baby, and I am experiencing the "Last of the Firsts". It's somewhat bittersweet, but I think she knows it and is going to take advantage of it every chance she gets. Maggie is unlike any of my other children. She is feisty and determined. I think she knows that being number 4 means you have to be loud if you don't want to get overlooked. This sweet girl can melt my heart and have me pulling my hair out all in the same moment.
I Love you Mag-pie!

Melissa made the super cute Moose A. Moose rice crispy treat. And she helped me make the adorable Zee cupcakes. It's so much fun making these sweet treats.

Maggie and Tristan were pretty excited to be so close to the treats.
I love how Tristan glances back to make sure they won't stop him. While Maggie gazes wonderingly at the icing on her fingers. She is very quick, and if you're not careful she will snatch things right out of your hand. Isn't that right Tristan. Just ask him he'll tell you all about the disappearing beef jerky story or the missing fruit sancks...bottle....

Oh yeah...that's good!

Sweet. I get a whole cupcake. Hurry dad sit me down and let me have at it!

Well birthdays aren't all about "Sweet Tweets" (hehe I couldn't resist). We did some coloring and of course you can't come over to my house without playing some version of pin the tail on the donkey. Here we are playing Pin The Flower on Zee. Wow isn't it amazing how close Trevor made it to the right spot. Hmmmm I wonder if he was cheating?
And you can't forget presents! But you can forget to take pictures of them. I might have to check Grandma's camera or Aunt Meli maybe they have some.
Happy Birthday Maggie and Tristan.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

$3 Chair...My First DIY Project

I love to visit the blogs of super crafty and clever people. I really enjoy watching them revamp old furniture and show us the before and after pictures. It has inspired me to try my hands at it. Here is my first project. I found this little chair at a garage sale and thought it would be a perfect gift for Cora's birthday.

Here is the before

And here is the after. Cora loves her chair and so does Maggie.